We are proud to share some of the letters we have received from satisfied STU customers. Thank you for your support!

- Steve Nickel, President

I just want to thank both of you for the great time we had on the Tenn. playoff trip. Both my wife and I had a great time. The hotel was convenient to the stadium and to all the local attractions. The rooms were really nice too. My wife is not a big sports fan, so I was a little worried that she might be bored. No way! You guys went out of your way to make sure that there was plenty of other things to do then just the game. Both of you knew the city, how to get around and the best places to eat, shop and party! As for me, the whole experience was great. All I had to do was show up. Everything was prearranged, from the plane ride, cab ride to the hotel and game day activities. We plan on going to at least one game this year and maybe more. Please put us on your mailing list.

Joe and Karen Colgain,

Linda and I can't wait to book Raven Road Trips with you guys again this year. When I first called you last year to see about booking three road trips ( Washington, Phoenix, and Tennessee ), you told me that although your Company was new, you and your partner John, were committed to making every trip a "First Class" experience. The friendly and professional way you and John assisted us and everyone else on our trips has to be rated higher then just plain "First Class", like the Raven's operation last year, yours was and is "SUPER FIRST CLASS" all the way. Linda and I have been on many trips and we can not remember experiencing any one of them being completely hassle free, that is, until we went on your trips and you guys did it three straight times. Feel free to have any new travelers who want assurance that you guys are great, to give us a call.

We are thinking about possibly doing four trips this year, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay, so please send us information when its available.

Harmon and Linda Levin,

Last year's Jacksonville trip was a blast! The entire package: transportation, hotel, game and tailgate - were all as advertised...no surprises. The other guests on the trip were also die-hard Raven fans just looking for a good time...no trouble makers. Steve and John were not only the organizers, but also participants. They're just fans like us, but know what they're doing when it comes to planning trips. My friends and I are going to make one away game each year...and its going to be with STU. Thanks again, and we're all anxiously awaiting this years line-up of trips.

Dave Wohlfort,

Just a note to let you know what a great time we had with you guys on the Tennessee trip this past year. Beating them for their first loss at Adelphia was icing on the cake. Your side trip to the Tennessee vs. Arkansas game was a great idea! A really super weekend of football. Not to mention the Nashville nightlife!

Marshall and Brian Phillips,